After Reading: Dave Roman and Jim Ottaviani

The awesomitude of our special ALL COMIC-BOOK NIGHT of SCIENCE in an AUDIO AND VISUAL PRESENTATION cannot be expressed in MERE WORDS!

Fortunately, there is VIDEO EVIDENCE:

The event featured DAVE ROMAN New York Times bestselling author of Astronaut Academy
Dave's website:

And Jim Ottaviani, premier author of comics about science, who wrote FEYNMAN, the larger than life true story of the SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!
Jim's website:

Books were sold by the marvelous Community Bookstore!

After Reading: Wold Newton ReaderCon 2011 Edition of Awesomeness

ReaderCon, held in Burlington, MA, is the best damn SF convention. It's dedicated solely to books, writing and authors. This year they let me put together a Wold Newton event, for which I'm very grateful. Brian Francis Slattery returned to the Wold with a band and made awesome music while a cavalcade of readers performed.

Readers included: Myke Cole, Jeffrey Ford, Scott Edelman, Theodora Goss, John Kessel and Matthew Cheney.

Couldn't make it to the con? Don't worry, here's the entire event for your enjoyment:

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