After Reading: Rick Bowes, Matthew Kressel and Toby Goodshank

It was a stupendous event! Toby Goodshank came dressed as a glam rock android superstar, I came dressed as a mop-wigged talk show idiot, Jon Berger came dressed as Jon Berger in a nice suit, and Matt Kressel and Rick Bowes came dressed as excellent writers.


It seems like video devices are cursed here at the WOLD. We got the following 20 minutes of Matt reading a lovely story called "The Great Game at the End of the World" before the camera conked out:

The followed short footage of Toby Goodshank playing to an enrapt audience and of Rick Bowes reading a story about werewolves and shapechangers was shot on my cell phone:

Much thanks to everyone involved, it was awesome as always!

And as always, for the completest:
Original Announcement
It's short fiction night at the Wold with World Fantasy Award winner and much anthologized author of Minions of the Moon and From the Files of the Time Rangers among other novels and collections, Rick Bowes. There will be also much anthologized author Matthew Kressel, most recently in The People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy, who also publishes the much recognized fiction magazine Sybil's Garage. With them both will be much energized musician Toby Goodshank, solo artist and member of the Moldy Peaches, Double Deuce and The Tri-Lambs. Hosted by the much lobotomized Eric Rosenfield at the much horrified WORD bookstore.