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Sex Prostitute in Buenaventura

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But seldom has it been confronted by the levels of brutality experienced in the past year, sex prostitute in buenaventura a new group, the Gaitanistas, came to town. They are a mesh of conflicts over land, drug-trafficking routes and extortion rackets. These paramilitary groups were gradually demobilised frombut many former fighters neither went to jail nor sex prostitute in buenaventura the reintegration sex prostitute in buenaventura, choosingto by the gun as part of new criminal groups. The government sent soldiers to patrol the most violent areas, but the slaughter has continued. They simply call the warring gangs los malos or the bad guys. The community leader sees darker interests lesbian niche tgp the violence, saying the areas where most crimes occur are the same where plans have been laid for a waterfront project, an airport and seaport terminals. After five years during which he claims he killed 15 people, including three by dismemberment he was promoted to mid-level leader. The city has some of the highest rates of forced displacement and homicide in the country. The reasons behind the violence in Buenaventura are not easily pinpointed. We get the orders from the old men, the bosses.

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