After Reading: ReaderCon 2012

The Second Annual ReaderCon Wold Newton Extravaganza included readings by:
Jeff VanderMeer
Veronica Schanoes
Jaym Gates
Daniel Jose Older
Jo Walton
Matt Kressel

Music was provided by Brian Francis Slattery and his amazing band!

It was a roaring success of successfulness!

Video Evidence

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn on the camera until the first reading had begun so you miss the first little bit of Jeff VanderMeer explaining what he's reading, and my ridiculous silliness while dressed up as the Doctor.

After Reading: Michael Swanwick, NK Jemisin and Mike Yahn

It was a splendiferously spectacular night of speculative fiction and stage combat! Arriving at our EXCITING NEW LOCATION, The Way Station, Brooklyn's greatest Steam Punk and Doctor Who themed bar, was multiple Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy award winner Michael Swanwick, whose new book Dancing with Bears is about con men in a delirious future Russia.

With him was be Locas award winning, Hugo nominated and critically acclaimed NK Jemisin, in honor of the release of the final book of her Inheritance Trilogy, The Kingdom of Gods, which is about deities as weapons of mass destruction, a city on a spire and one hundred thousand kingdoms.

There was also an exhilarating stage combat demonstration by stage combat instructor, stunt man, kung fu master and vampire hunter Mike Yahn.

Books will were sold by the wonderful Community Bookstore.

Video Evidence


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